Simone Merke Nóbreg

Yogini Simone Merke Nóbreg demonstrates nauli.  She first achieves uddiyana bandha at time index :15, then central nauli at :23. Later, she does uddiyana bandha and starts nauli at time index 1:00.

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  1. really happy to find a website…exclusively devoted and dedicated to laukiki…the nauli kriya…all those yoga sadhaks ( learners and teachers ) will find this place a nice forum…to discuss…know more…learn variuos ways and techniques of performing nauli kriya and attaing perfection.
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  2. I shall feel pleasure, if somebody is interested in learning the ways and method of perfecting madhya…vama…and dakshina nauli, free of any cost. I conduct morning yoga class at akhil bhartiya yoga sansthan,ghaziabad india.

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    Viewed all latest videos on nauli kriya. But the one performed by Satish-yoga is really not nauli kriya. These videos should be avoided to be displayed on your weebsite. I saw the video of Neeraj Saxena performing Nauli Kriya. I found it to be the perfect nauli kriya. As I feel, and as much I have read about Nauli Kriya, that there should not be any (or least) movement of head, shoulders, hips, thighs, except the abdominal movement of nauli, either clock wise or anti clock wise. It is a perfect example of vama dakshina nauli kriya.

  4. Hola, gracias por la página y la ayuda que pido,
    tengo 43 años y una hernia, creo, encima del ombligo, un bulto que me salió después del embarazo, hace 3 años. Leí que igual no es bueno hacer nauli, ¿Qué me podéis decir?
    Gracias, María.

  5. Hacer nauli con una hernia — no es un buen idea. Por favor habla usted con su médico sobre esto.

  6. I’m glad you have been enjoying the video! I plan on ponistg more instructional ones soon. The first song is Rakhe Rakhanahar by Cherdi Kala Jetta. The second one is by Gurunam aka Joseph Michael Levry, not sure of the exact name. The third is Wahe Guru by Nirinjan Kaur from Adhara album.

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