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    On  https://www.nauli.org/category/learning-nauli/ it is written

    “Regular nauli practice: Once a regular nauli practice is attained, a typical session involves 500 to 1000 revolutions and requires about 15 minutes,”


    I can hold static nauli about one minute but is seems me difficult to do 500 revolution in one session.

    Is there some tips:

      Are the lung empty at the maximum ? ( as it could be for a good practice) or near empty .

    What is the rhythm:  nauli time ?  break time ?  or how many inhalation between each nauli ?

    An other remark 15 minutes is 900 seconds if nauli is done for 500 seconds and 400 seconds break that means 2 revolutions per second to do 1000 revolutions it seems me very fast.


    Thank you




    Jason Levitt

    Agreed. The page has been edited to allow more leeway for practitioners who do their revolutions at different speeds.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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